The Christian Vitalist International offers this translation of a prayer written by BL. TERESIO OLIVELLI, an Italian anti-fascist partisan who, while imprisoned by the Nazi regime in Hersbruck, was martyred in hatred of the faith while defending a fellow prisoner.


You who raised Your Cross – symbol of contradictions – among men, who preached and suffered the revolt of the spirit against the deceitfulness and the interests of the ruling class and the inert deafness of the masses, to us who are oppressed by an onerous and cruel yoke, the yoke which both within us and before our existence has trampled You, who are the fount of free lives, give us the power of rebellion.


You who are Truth and Freedom, make us free and breathe intensely into our purpose, tend to our will, bolster our strength, gird us with your armor: for this we pray to you, Lord.


who were rejected, reviled, betrayed, persecuted, crucified, in this hour of shadows sustain us with Your victory: in poverty be provisions, in danger support, in bitterness comfort. The more the adversary thickens and darkens, make us clear and right. In torture, our lips are clamped shut. Break them open, do not let us waver. If we fall, unite our blood with Your innocent blood and with Your death, so that justice and charity may blossom in the world.


who said “I am the resurrection and the life”, create a life both strict and generous in the pain of Italy. Lord, who watches over our families, free us from the temptation of affections. In the windy mountains and in the catacombs of the cities, from the depths of the prisons we pray to You: may the peace which you alone know how to give be within us.


of peace and of armies, Lord who brings the sword and joy, listen to our prayer,


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